Our most extensive range includes cones, tarts, cups and waffles – puff, shortcrust and choux pastry – even meringues, sponges and decorations. All your sweet needs are met here.


Designed for the dessert course using a sweet pressed fonçage in an assortment of styles.

Mini Tartlets

A pressed fonçage dough creating innovative, modern shapes and a range of sizes.

Shortcrust Tarts

Straight sided or fluted in a wide range of sizes for the greatest pastry versatility.


Simply choose your flavour and sprinkle over a finished dessert or cake for added texture.


Incredibly light with the perfect crunch, our Meringues come in a choice of styles and sizes.

Sponge Cake & Sheets

Wonderfully light, ambient sponge ready for topping with your favourite filling.


A retro French dessert that is sure to impress when quite simply filled and served.


Ready-to-fill with your choice of sweet fillings, simple; yet undeniably popular.

Mini Chocolate Cups

A sturdy form yet delicate design, embodies our mini chocolate cups.


The all-important crunch of our wafer-thin waffle cases will add texture and taste to any dessert.

Sugared Puff Pastry

A deliciously light choux pastry with the crunch and sweetness of the sugar coating.

Choux Pastry

Our Choux pastry features traditional design complete with a rustic, handmade finish.

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