Summer Sales Growth – the Season of Abundance!

There is so much to enjoy during the summer: warm sunshine, longer days and delicious seasonal produce like summer fruits, fresh herbs and vegetables. It really is a season to savour and a fantastic opportunity for operators to grow sales by creating a host of tempting treats with Pidy’s innovative range.

Fresh thinking with fruit

With summer fruits and berries in abundance our delicious buttery sweet tarts and tartlets are the ideal base for a variety of fillings and fruity toppings, which are easy to produce and create an irresistibly mouth-watering offering for customers. Similarly, colourful macarons can be topped with crème patisserie and finished with sliced fruit to create an eye-catching and colourful dessert display.

Cool concepts with ice cream

When the temperatures rise, keeping customers cool by offering different ways to enjoy ice cream can really pay off. Our waffle cones and cups in a variety of shapes can elevate a simple serving of ice cream into something with real visual appeal. Why not combine a delicious light meringue nest with a scoop of dairy ice cream and a selection of berries to create a refreshing and zingy sweet treat? To create a stunning dessert spectacle for your customers, our sweet sponge sheets can be easily shaped into a perfect wheel, half filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh raspberries …who could resist?

Savoury choux sandwiches

A sandwich is perfect for a light summer lunch, but why not take this classic to another level and offer your customers a tempting alternative by combining savoury ingredients with our choux pastry range. The combinations are virtually endless! ,Why not try using our delicious Paris-Brest as a bagel, filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or transform our wonderful éclair into a sandwich with prosciutto and rocket.

Make hay whilst the sun shines and maximise your sales this summer, with a little help from Pidy.

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