Pidy’s Innovative Sponge Sheets to Take Operators By Storm

03 May 2022

Frozen and ambient Sponge Sheets from gourmet pastry specialists Pidy, give foodservice professionals added flexibility and choice, when looking to create culinary wonders! A versatile addition to any kitchen, the range of flavours; Raspberry, Pistachio, Neutral and Chocolate, can be utilised in different ways, from delicately stacking to create a delicious layered cake, or rolled into a roulade for a show-stopping end of meal!

Pidy is known for delivering exceptional flavours, and when it comes to their ‘Sponge Sheets’ it’s no exception. Having a wonderfully light texture, they are robust enough to hold fillings, and can be crafted into a range of shapes and sizes and bring a rich taste and dense texture, perfect for chefs wanting to explore new possibilities.

The Sponge Sheets are simple to use whilst maintaining a consistently high standard. With their flexible quality base, chefs and caterers can utilise their versatility to create a variety of desserts to effortlessly please customers!

As Pidy’s ‘Frozen Sponge Sheets’ are stored frozen and have a shelf life of 12 months, they are ideal to have on hand for culinary emergencies and can be defrosted in a matter of minutes. Once thawed, the quality of the sheet is guaranteed for 48 hours, ideal for chefs wanting to prepare their creations ahead of time. The sheets measure 580mm long, 380mm wide and 5mm thick and come in a pack of 10, and can be cut to any shape and size that is required.

Their ‘Ambient Sponge Sheets’ are stored ambient, but can also be frozen to provide even more convenience. Using high quality ingredients, they come in two flavours, plain and cocoa. Providing a 4-month shelf life, they are ideal for quick but innovative desserts!

Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK:

“We’re delighted that our sponge sheets have continued to develop and grow in the UK foodservice, industrial and instore bakery sectors. We are always developing our products to make chef’s lives easier and our sponge sheets, offer a variety of incredible flavours to allow foodservice professionals to push their culinary boundaries. The sponge sheets are such a versatile, core ingredient to have to hand all year around.”

For more information on Pidy, please visit or call 01604 705666.

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