Pidy Extends Seasonal Themed Christmas Pastry Range

With the summer well and truly over, the temperature dropping and the evenings getting shorter, attention has turned to Christmas menu planning and sourcing seasonal ingredients. Vol-au-vents are the epitome of retro chic and a festive party essential and now, thanks to the latest introduction from Pidy, with a large star shaped pastry case, you can add a real sense of celebration to any Christmas menu.

As a global leader in the production of ready-to-fill pastry, Pidy offers an extensive range of vol-au-vents for all occasions, including a dedicated festive range. In homage to the traditional bite-sized canape, the launch of the large star vol-au-vent offers even greater flexibility on Christmas menus. The larger size offers a contemporary take on the dazzling canape and can be used to create sensational starters, main meals or even desserts, thanks to its neutral recipe.

Pidy’s large star vol-au-vent combines both tradition and trendiness in equal measures and Christmas is all about the balance of the two. The vol-au-vents are ambient, available in catering packs of 24 and are ready-to-fill with any delicious festive filling. The indulgent buttery taste of Pidy’s traditional puff pastry recipe complements both sweet and savoury, hot and cold fillings alike. Vol-au-vents are always a big hit during the festive period but why not include something that ensures your menu stands out that little bit more? The unique shape and size of the vol-au-vent is sure to capture customers’ attention, whilst providing more space for delicious fillings. Including the Pidy star vol-au-vent on menus is the best way to reinvent what customers typically expect from the retro pastry case and highlight its true potential. As a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative ready-to-fill pastry cases, Pidy is centrally positioned to lead this vol-au-vent revolution.

Crafting exceptional menus will not only tempt customers through the door during the festive period but also ensure repeat business throughout the year.

Fabien Levet, National Account Manager – Foodservice at Pidy UK, commented:

“With customers demanding seasonal ingredients and speciality products on a Christmas menu, Pidy’s Large Star Vol-au-vent is the perfect addition to add that special festive touch. We are delighted to continue extending our range of vol-au-vents to include new innovative shapes that encourage chefs to showcase creativity on menus. The delicious, neutral taste of all-butter puff pastry and crisp texture welcomes a host of fillings, making it a versatile ingredient for all establishments.”

The Star Vol-au-vent is available through the comprehensive network of Pidy wholesalers and distributors in the bakery, foodservice and industrial sectors.

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