Pidy expands their sponge sheet portfolio with new girl on the block, Madeleine!

03 April 2023

Belgian pastry specialist Pidy has expanded their sponge cake portfolio to include ready-to-use Madeleine sponge sheets.

Originating in France and Italy, versatile genoise cake batter is perhaps most famous for acting as the base to Jaffa Cakes, or being piped to make Ladyfingers. In the form of Madeleine sponge, it takes on a subtle almond aroma, giving it a unique taste.

Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK, explains how Madeleine differs from traditional sponge;

“The wonderful thing about Madeleine sheets is just how light it is compared to a classic sponge. We rely on traditional methods to ensure the batter is aerated thoroughly before baking. This gives the sponge its volume, without using any artificial raising agents.”

The airy sponge is beautifully complemented when paired with a lemon cream, or apricot jam sandwiched between moreish layers. Operators could also use it to create gourmet versions of the classic Jaffa Cake, in various flavours. Alternatively, the traditional elastic, and comparably dry sponge is a brilliant base to absorb liqueurs or syrups, for an airy rum baba-esque dessert.

Arriving in packs of eight measuring 580 x 380 x 7mm, the Madeleine sponge sheets leave maximum culinary creativity to the chef, so they can be cut and used in an endless number of ways.

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