Pidy celebrates second successive year of Great Taste Awards success

Belgian based, ready-to-fill pastry manufacturer, Pidy, celebrates success, achieving a gold star for two of its newest products in the Great Taste Awards 2018. The awards, which are considered to be among the most-coveted in the industry, received almost 13,000 entries, out of which, just 25% achieved 1-star or above. This demonstrates the unparalleled quality of the Black Mussel Shell and 4cm Gluten Free, Neutral Mini Tartlet having both achieved the prestigious accolade.

Established in 1994, the Great Taste Awards is the largest and most trusted accreditation scheme for fine food and drink. Offering a unique benchmarking and product evaluation, each product is blind-tasted and judged on flavour, texture and appearance by top chefs, cookery writers, food critics, restaurateurs and fine food retailers.

It is an honour to be recognised by Guild of Fine Food, particularly when up against such an astonishing number of entrees year-on-year. The renowned black and gold Great Taste label is a clear indication of an exceptional product, which truly demonstrates the quality and outstanding flavour of Pidy’s products. With products being awarded one gold star being deemed ‘simply delicious’, Pidy’s result is certainly an achievement to be proud of, particularly after winning two gold stars in the same awards in 2017.

The award-winning products received fantastic feedback from the judges, noting not only the taste and quality of the products but also commending the company’s innovation and expertise:

Mussel Shell Black (One Gold Star):

“Very clever looking pastry shells and the flavour does not disappoint - we note the butter element and there is some depth of flavour. Not light and friable, but strong enough to hold a moist filling, and not actually tough on the palate. A clever product and versatile.”

“A pretty little shell. The flavour is good; buttery and also short in texture. The beauty is in the shape and texture."

4cm Gluten Free, Neutral Mini Tartlet (One Gold Star):

“Evenly browned and well-cooked pastry cases - a light sandy colour. Crisp with a good break.”

“An innovative and versatile product well cooked and with precise presentation. A clean snap with a light buttery taste with toasty notes and a subtle sweetness. The judges commend the expertise in the production of this product. Texturally this product has a lot to offer to its filling.”

With quality, taste and innovation being the upmost priorities for Pidy, Robert Whittle, General Manager of Pidy, is delighted to be recognised in the Great Taste Awards for the second year in a row:

“We have entered two of our new and most innovative products to date and the results have not disappointed. We have mirrored our success of last year and could not be more delighted with a Gold Star for both our Black Mussel Shell & Gluten Free Tartlet. We hope we can continue this success for many more years to come!
We have been making great tasting pastry since 1950 with traditional methods and quality ingredients and it’s fantastic to see that this is reflected in our products. Gluten free pastry and charcoal pastry are both challenging and innovative processes, which makes it all the more rewarding having these traits recognised by independent and rigorous judging, such as that done by the panel of critics.”

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