Get inspiRED with Pidy’s vibrant addition to frozen sponge sheet range

Belgian based, ready-to-fill pastry manufacturer, Pidy, has expanded its Technipat frozen sponge sheet range with a vibrant new addition. Now available in raspberry flavour, the sponge sheets are suitable for a range of sweet applications, from elegant layered cakes and decorative strips, through to individual desserts or a classic Opera cake with a raspberry twist.

Pidy has continued to extend the frozen joconde collection to include innovative flavours, which give foodservice professionals even greater flexibility and choice for showstopping patisserie and desserts. The vivacious raspberry flavour not only delivers great taste, but also provides a pop of colour to the final dish and will get the whole table talking.

The deep red colour of the new raspberry joconde sheets lends itself to the creation of beautifully delicate desserts which require impeccable intricacy and attention to detail.

Fabien Levet, National Account Manager – Foodservice at Pidy UK, commented:

“We are thrilled to be introducing yet another flavour to our selection of frozen sponge sheets. The Technipat sheets are such a versatile ingredient to have readily available in the kitchen all year round, but as we turn our attention to spring menus and the vibrant fruity flavours associated with this new season, there is a significant demand for decadent desserts. The addition of the raspberry flavour is guaranteed to not only please the palette, but is also sure to create showstopping, striking desserts due to the naturally vivid colour of the raspberry sponge”.

The sheets are stored frozen, therefore maintaining a shelf life of 12 months while being ready to defrost in a matter of minutes. Once thawed, the quality of the sponge is guaranteed for 48 hours. The sheets, which measure 580mm long x 380mm wide x 05mm thick, are available in cases of 10 and can be cut to any size or shape to be placed around the cake, for a layer or simply for decorative purposes.

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