Get inspired for Wimbledon!

Nothing says Great British Summer quite like Wimbledon. Even the non-athletic among us enjoy getting into the Wimbledon spirit especially when the sun is shining. It is also a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun with Wimbledon-inspired desserts and savoury bites to enjoy.

Strawberries & Pimm’s Tart

Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without sumptuously sweet summer strawberries and a splash of Pimm’s. So, why not offer these favourites in a new and more indulgent way? Simply fill one of our large all-butter fluted shortcrust tart cases with a generous layer of vanilla mascarpone cream and top with Pimm’s-soaked strawberries and a mint garnish for the ultimate summer crowd-pleaser! Alternatively, add a fruity twist to our Paris Brest which welcomes deliciously sweet and fresh fillings of all kinds.

Strawberry & Elderflower Slices

Elderflower remains on-trend and these fragrant and delicate summer blooms make a wonderful addition to desserts and drinks for any Wimbledon celebration. A Strawberry and Elderflower Slice is easy to create with our neutral flavoured sponge sheets. Simply layer jam, elderflower cream and sponge until you’ve reached your desired height. Then, cut into perfect rectangle segments and decorate to your liking. Your customers will be amazed by such carefully crafted cakes that are easy on the eye and big on flavour.

Mini Quiches

It is important not to forget the savoury element of your Wimbledon spread. Mini quiches always go down well and are so easy and versatile. They really are a timeless picnic favourite and just perfect for any summer occasion. The buttery flavour of shortcrust pastry welcomes so many different veggie and meat fillings alike.  We like ours filled with pancetta, cherry tomato and Parmesan; or salmon, horseradish and watercress. The options really are endless so don’t forget to mix and match to suit all your customers’tastes!

Sweet & Savoury

Why not offer a unique savoury twist to a traditional strawberry tart and layer juicy strawberries with salty feta on a bed of crème fraiche and crumbly puff pastry for an elegant supper? The contrast in flavours work harmoniously together and the puff pastry is a much lighter alternative to shortcrust which makes it perfect for summer.



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