Quality Assurance Manager

Manufacturing, Full Time | USA

Pidy is looking for a responsible Quality Assurance to join their US team.

Establish a simple, understandable and integrated quality system that takes quality, food safety and the set Mission Statement into account. Develop, optimize and suggest improvements processes and SOP/GMPs.
Pidy Inc, 90 Inip Drive, Inwood, NY
Report to Plant Manager.
The Quality Assurance is in contact with all hierarchical levels.
Plant Manager and Production and Quality Administrator
• Designated SQF Practitioner
• Reasonable of FSVP program maintenance and updates
• Responsible for the internal Food Safety Plan under FDA requirements and PCQI trained 
• Respond to questions of customers related to quality and/or food safety;
• Prepare and follow up customer’s audits and audits of certified institutions;
• Perform audits with suppliers on demand;
• Manage programs about food safety and quality;
• Manage purchasing activities of Pest Control, cleaning and other services (e.g. lab);
• Monitor and analyze customer complaints, internal non-conformities and requests for corrective actions;
• Support Sales department in the preliminary analysis of the integration of customer-related quality standards;
• Actualize and upgrade the existing quality systems to the requirements of different standards (HACCP, BRC, IFS, …) and legislations;
• Manage activities of Quality team;
• Manage all quality documentation and ensure everything is up to code and according to company policies (raw material, packaging, …);
• Keep technical sheets up-to-date in SAP;
• Manage and ensure that all data related to raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging and finished products is up-to-date in SAP (nutrition, microbiological, item data, …);
• Give training in food safety;
• Member of the crisis team of Pidy (recall, …);
• Manage cleaning master program and cleaning team;
• President of HACCP-team and member of chain meeting.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Block/Release production lines and/or non-conforming goods;
• Shutdown business activities in case of imminent and serious risks for food safety;
• Responsible for Cleaning team and Quality employees.
• Master’s degree in food science;
• Minimum 3 years experience in a similar position.
• Proficient in English & French (Spanish is an asset);
• Proficient in Ms Office (Outlook, Word and Excel);
• Knowledge of SAP;
• Must be flexible in working hours and working methods;
• Able to deal with details (quality of products) and able to notice seemingly insignificant details, but which have a great importance;
• Must be analytical and able to set, evaluate and modify cost structures;
• Able to structure and prioritize work and organize, develop and implement projects within a given time period;
• Able to bring innovative and creative ideas for products, processes and procedures;
• Must be a problem solver: able to analyze a problem precisely and able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems and implement adequate solutions ;
• Able to perform quality controls. Conduct tests and inspections of products or processes to evaluate quality and performance and to implement better methods;
• Able to communicate effectively, quote a subject or a problem clearly and possess persuasion;
• Knowledge of quality systems and standards, nutrition and microbiological principles;
• Knowledge of manufacturing processes and techniques;
• Knowledge of HACCP, BRC IFS and SQF quality procedures;
• Must follow house, sanitary and safety rules strictly;
• Good sanitation habits required;
• Good vision and hearing abilities required.
• The work needs to be performed while standing, seated or walking and requires the use of feet for repetitive movements;
• It requires the use of hands for grasping, pushing and pulling of arm controls and fine manipulations;
• It requires activities involving being exposed to marked changes in temperature and humidity;
• Extended hours working at a computer.
• Show organizational commitment
– Stand guarantee for the achievement of intended outcomes of the organization;
– Willing to stay informed about the industry and able to see trends in the sector;
– Able to determine organizational parameters;
– Develop organization’s objectives.

• Quality oriented
– Modify processes, procedures and structures to meet the quality;
– Measure quality and make adjustments if the required standards are not met.

• Stress resistant
– Able to stay focused while confronted with stressful situations;
– Able to control emotions;
– Able to deal constructively with criticism.

• Act in a customer service manner
– Able to deal with internal and external customers in a transparent and objective way;
– Able to give professional advice;
– Able to anticipate to customers’ needs and give priority to customer satisfaction.

• Team work
– Able to work together with other employees;
– Able to deal with different kind of people and different levels;
– Able to show respect towards other employees (their opinions and ideas).

Interested?  Please let us know: jobs@pidy.com

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