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As the world’s leading producer, we at Pidy know a thing or two about how to make the very finest ready-to-fill pastry. We’ve been baking it for over 50 years and professional chefs across continents depend on us to provide excellence, variety and trend setting innovation in the exacting culinary art of pastry.

Our aim is to provide these chefs with inspiration in the form of quality pastry cases which open the door to an exciting world of filling and finishing possibilities. Our bakers use 100% natural ingredients and our secret family recipe to create gourmet products with the taste and texture of the very best home-baked pastry but with the stability and holding power demanded by the professional kitchen.

It all began in a small patisserie in Ypres, on the site of one of the First World War’s most infamous battles. With visitors to the battlefield wanting to buy a little taste of Belgium that wouldn’t spoil on the journey home, local baker Andre Dehaeck developed an innovative pastry recipe that would last the distance.

It wasn’t long before Andre realised there was a wider market for his long lasting pastry, and the business began to grow. Today we still bake in Ypres, staying true to our roots, but we also have production units in France and in the USA. Our watch words are quality and innovation, and to that end we have in the region of 400 product developments every year.

The company was run by the Dehaeck family until 2016 when we became part of another family-run business, the Biscuits Bouvard Group. This new business relationship opened up opportunities for us to further expand our range and move into other carrier options such as sweet and savoury sponge sheets and meringues.

The special recipe is still the basis of many of our products, but we are now able to offer chefs a larger range than ever before. We believe in giving chefs the freedom to create their very own culinary masterpieces - Pidy pastry cases may arrive empty but to chefs everywhere, they are full of exciting possibilities.

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